Who We Are

Harben Valentine

Harben Valentine 1872-1948 Chairman, Valentine and Sons, Dundee.

Andrew Valentine, a renowned world authority on reproduction processes and art reproduction, founded Valentine Art Reproduction in 2012. We’ve steadily built up an enviable reputation as one of the best reproduction companies in the UK, if not the world. Our work has impressed the Fine Art team at Christies of London so much that we are one of the few companies whose work in this area they endorse.

The technique that we use has been honed and refined over many years, and combines technology with age-old skills. Our expert team works on every canvas we produce. Each and every member of the team is a talented artist in their own right. They have helped to produce work from some of the world’s finest Collections and Galleries, as well as spectacular works of art from Private Collections.

The techniques we use – although constantly evolving and developing – can be traced back to Andrew’s time working with the legendary Governor Nelson Rockefeller, when Andrew’s former company was commissioned to supply copies of the Governor’s own art collection.