8There are many reasons why you may wish to have an original painting copied. Perhaps you’ve been advised by your insurers or legal team to make a copy for security reasons, maybe you wish to make multiple reproductions of a family portrait to share with other relatives, or it could be you want to sell or donate a painting but wish to keep a copy for sentimental reasons.

Whatever the reason, with one of our expert copies, the only way that people will know that it’s not the original work is if you tell them. With us discretion is assured and our copies are of such an exceptional standard that many experts only spot them after close examination.

Our terms and conditions explain our confidentially commitment in greater detail, and offer our assurance of discretion throughout the process. We are also happy to arrange meetings, visits and deliveries at times and places to suit you if this is desirable to maintain confidentiality.

We can also help you explore the possibility of creating licensed copies of your painting that can be sold to on your behalf to generate an effortless additional income.