Photo to Oil Painting

As well creating wonderful reproductions, our talented team of artists can transform photographs (both actual prints and certain digital formats) into stunningly detailed oil paintings.

Whether it’s your child’s first school photograph, something from your wedding album, a special family portrait or favourite snap shot that you’d like to turn into something special as a gift, future heirloom or just a unique work of art, we can help.

Idea of Costs

10″ x 8″        £  99
12″ x 10″      £139
16″ x 12″      £299
20″ x 16″      £325


The process is very easy:

  • A high quality image of your subject ( tips below)
  • Ideally if you email us the image then we will be able to provide a non obligatory quote, which we will then send back to you with an order form
  • Complete and submit the order form together with payment
  • You will receive your portrait back within 4 weeks

Top tips

  • Photographs with fairly plain backgrounds tend to work best for reproduction quality
  • For the best results, digital images should be (resolution details to follow)
  • Images should be sharp and in focus and, in the case of older photographs, in good condition
  • If you are posting the image to us, please ensure you get a signed for delivery ( as we cannot be responsible for anything that does not reach us) . We will return the photo to you the same way with your portrait