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Portrait of James Christie (1730 - 1803); Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727 - 1788); 1778; Oil on canvas;

Portrait of James Christie (1730 – 1803); Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727 – 1788); 1778; Oil on canvas; The J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Here at Valentine Art Reproductions, we specialise in high-quality reproductions of paintings. Our talented team of artists, craftsmen and technicians use our special techniques to recreate works so perfectly that it takes an expert eye to spot them. In fact, because our discretion is assured, unless our client tells you that the painting in question is one of our reproductions, you’ll never know. To hear more about our work in this area, email us at

All of the paintings in this brochure have been reproduced by our process, some up to thirty years ago retaining their quality, and behaving exactly as an original would in the same conditions.

We can reproduce any oil painting irrespective of style, date or artist.


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Our limitation on size is that the short side of the painting should not exceed 1 metre or approximately 40 inches – the length can be any reasonable dimension. Remember we are often asked to reduce the reproduction size, which we will do in exact proportion to the original.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Over the years the techniques used by Valentine Art Reproductions have been admired by top professionals in the art world.  We are therefore pleased to be able to offer the service across a range of applications and to a variety of clients.

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“As previously, we are happy to be referenced in your copy, and will continue to recommend your service to our clients” – Christie’s of London

“Sara and I think the print looks fantastic. It has been brilliantly done, and the colours are incredibly close to the original.” – Fine Art Commission Limited

“I have to write and say how wonderful I think your reproduction work is” – Virginia McKenna, The Born Free Foundation 

“I was recommended to use Valentine Art Reproductions Limited to create a top quality copy of a much loved painting of my Grandfather and his sisters by Sir William McTaggart, RSA. I asked three different firms and chose Valentine, by no means the cheapest. But the result was outstanding and the level of service in matters of advice, communication and assistance with finding suitable framing was impeccable. Strongly recommended” – John Urquhart

What We Do

Valentine Art Reproductions Limited publishes very high quality reproductions of oil paintings, which look and feel like the original work. These should not be confused with conventional art prints. Our reproductions are three dimensional, replicating the brushstrokes of the original as closely as possible. Our process has a variety of different applications, and here are just some of the reasons why our reproductions can provide the perfect answer to problems we encounter everyday.

The Original is Being Sold

There is no need to leave a gap and a memory on the wall. The sale may raise much needed cash, and the only way that people will know the original has been replaced is if you tell them. These days, art is increasingly used as security for loans; if the original has to be stored, our reproduction will bridge that gap on the wall. We can even work to fit the original frame.

Insurance and Security

Very often, owners of valuable artwork are not aware of its true value, which is itself a financial risk. There is also the constant danger of fire, theft and damage. Insurance premiums are expensive, as are the security systems necessary to secure that insurance. With reproductions by Valentine cash can be saved – and concerns about safety removed.

Family Copies

Where there is only one much loved original of a painting, be it a portrait, a landscape or whatever the subject, a significant part of our turnover comes from creating copies for other members of the family. These can be same size, or smaller to fit available space in a more modern home. We always offer a discount where more than one copy is involved.

Interior Design

Our process is very flexible, and we copy single paintings where the original will never be available; or for hotels, restaurants and other public spaces we can build themes round artists, a period or style of painting. We are very happy to source the artwork for our clients.


We operate within the strictest rules of confidentiality, and will never disclose any arrangements with our clients, or the location of artwork they own.

PLEASE ASK US FOR A QUOTATION that costs nothing and may offer a great deal. 

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 Our Reproductions

For obvious commercial reasons, we have never disclosed precisely how we achieve and maintain our quality. However, the technique we use has been honed and refined over many years, and combines technology with age old skills.

Our expert team works on every individual canvas we produce, and every member of the team is an artist in their own right. They have helped to produce work from some of the world’s finest collections and galleries, as well as spectacular works of art from private collections.

We claim the finished result is about as close as it is possible to get to the original work. Complete with detailed brush strokes, we would without question be in close competition with a professional copy artist, probably more accurate, and almost certainly more affordable. We do not set out to be the cheapest, quality and accuracy is our business, as is the perceived value to our clients.

Our process is very versatile, and every reproduction is different in terms of style and size.



Valentine Art  Reproductions are not framers, but we work closely with Edinburgh Art and Picture Framers, and we recommend them to our clients. We realize that framing is a personal choice dependent on a number of factors, but over the years we have found Edinburgh Art Framers to be very helpful and flexible in their approach. They also offer excellent value. Let us know if you would like an introduction.

Who We Are

Andrew Valentine, a renowned world authority on Reproduction processes and Art Reproduction, founded Valentine Art Reproductions Limited in 2012. Since then the company has steadily built up an enviable reputation as one of the best reproduction companies in the UK; if not the world.
However, while the company is relatively new, the Valentine reproduction process is not. Andrew Valentine worked with the late Governor Nelson Rockefeller, copying his wonderful art collection, and was then appointed Chairman of the Governor’s reproduction company after his death. While still following the family tradition in the greeting card industry, he also continued and art room production, and Valentine Art Reproductions is the result of considerable hard work and experience.

We have a small and very dedicated team who have been together for many years. We aim to be professional and everything we do, and I will greatest reward comes from delivering excellent for productions to our clients, and sharing the satisfaction of work well done.

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